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Csuccess Ltd offers services to schools designed to maximise the outcomes for students. Csuccess strongly believes its courses are higher quality, more bespoke and better value.

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We deliver bespoke, fun and engaging courses, designed to boost grades in English, maths and Science. Unlock the full potential of your students.

Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones - Managing Director

Student testimonials from c-success GCSE boosters.


Maths GCSE boosters

“Doing my Maths GCSE was something I never thought I could achieve but c-success made it easy and everything seemed achievable.” This qualification has opened doors for me….

Laura (Leeds) achieved a GCSE grade C after initial assessment of an E.

“It was helpful and I learnt a lot.” Daniel Calderdale (D to C in GCSE Maths)

“Staff were funny helpful and kind.” Sundas, Calderdale (D-B in GCSE Maths)

“I improved in Bearings and equations.” Sara, Calderdale (D-C GCSE Maths)

“I am very pleased with the course and would definitely say it works,” Declan, Calderdale (D-C GCSE  Maths)

“Brilliant, amazing and friendly banter.” Maltha, Brighouse (D-C GCSE  Maths)

“Absolutely amazing, memories I’ll never forget” Hannah, Brighouse (D-C GCSE  Maths).

English GCSE boosters

“All teachers were really supportive and helped with what I needed…..helped me feel more confident about my English.”
Jamie, Brighouse. (D-C in English Language).

“It helped a lot and raised my confidence.” Jade, Brighouse (D-C in English Language)

“I found the team helpful.” Alex Brighouse Brighouse  (D-C in English Language).

“It really helps you get that C and it is fun at the same time.” Lusi, Brighouse (D-C in English Language).

“I have learned way more than I would have if I revised alone.” Georgia, Brighouse (D-C in English Language)

“I have definitely improved my reading skills and (I) feel a lot more confident about writing.” Lusi, Brighouse  (D-C in English Language).

Summer schools

Testimonials from schools

"I was very impressed, 20 students chose to come in during their holiday and all 20 came through and passed their BTEC Science. A good buzz was created. Pupils gave positive feedback about the course and responded well to the staff." Head teacher, Mr K from Lincolnshire.

"We were delighted with the results of the English intervention, around 70% of the targeted students gained a C in the GCSE exam." Head of English, Calderdale.