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Csuccess Ltd offers services to schools designed to maximise the outcomes for students. Csuccess strongly believes its courses are higher quality, more bespoke and better value.

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We deliver bespoke, fun and engaging courses, designed to boost grades in English, maths and Science. Unlock the full potential of your students.

Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones - Managing Director

Fun, dynamic, fast paced learning environment designed to grab attention and engage students

Intensive 4 or 5 day revision course designed to embed knowledge, also includes a range of progress tests to show students the improvements they are making and their boost confidence

Major board syllabuses covered (Edexcel and AQA), Core and Additional and packages can be provided

Special focus on exam rubric command words and how to ensure that students attain maximum marks by thoroughly meeting demands of question

Focus on 6 mark QoWC questions

All staff are either qualified teachers, HTLAs or motivational experts

High staff to student ratio. We always ensure that there are a minimum of 4 staff in attendance for classes below 20. Classes between 21-25 students will be covered with fully trained, experienced 5 staff

Easter and Whitsun school holiday booster courses currently available

Booster courses available for year 7,8,9 and 10 to offer quick, intensive level improvement focussing on skills

Rewards, prizes and incentives available to students

One day exam “walk through” courses available

Intensive 1 or 2 day subject specific courses (Physics, Biology and Chemistry).

All courses delivered by teachers and supported by either teachers or HTLAs.

Core component of course revised in lively, interactive manner.

We help students achieve better marks, especially with QWOC type questions

All major exam board syllabuses covered.

High staff to student ratio helps to ensure students get the personalised help they need.

Exam command word focus enabling students to understand the rubric and maximise marks obtained from specific question types

GCSE Science